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Robert Waldinger and 75 years long harvard studies about happinnes

And now stop for a while and watch this TED video of Robert Waldinger. He will explain to you, why quality of relationships are (and will be when you get older) so important for you.

high quality relationships => higher happiness, better health, fitter mind

Well... He will tell you WHY. I, in my books, on my workshops and during consultancies, am answering HOW to achieve it.

high quality communication => high quality relationships

So go to Robert for an understanding, and than come back to me for a skill.

Welcome to my private website. maciej czekaj a 800x536

My name is Maciej Czekaj and I am a specialist in controlling and interpersonal communication.

Here you will find information about training centers where you can find me.

I have also written two books published by Helion S.A. publishing house - they are avaible in print, ebook and audiobook versions. Currently only in polish language.


I wish you passionate adventure with communication,

Maciej Czekaj

Author, Consultant, Trainer

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